Australian Visas

Do I Need a Visa To Travel To Australia ?

Yes, everyone travelling to Australia, whether for business or holiday or tourism, must have a visa.

Australians who have an expired passport AND are travelling on a passport from another country will also need a visa.

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Can I cancel my ETA Visas, E-Visas or eVisitor Visas?


All ETA Visas, E-Visas or eVisitor Visas are processed via the Australian Govt system and the Govt website clearly states that once a Visa application has been lodged, there are NO REFUNDS.


Do you offer discounted Australian Visitor and Business visas?

Yes we do.

Please select your passport country to start your Australian Visa application. Prices are clearly displayed at the top of each application page.

Do you have an Application HELP Page?

Yes we do, you can access this Application HELP Page here. It covers many different nationalities.

Do you have a secure payment page?

Yes we do, all payment details are 2048 SSL encrypted for your protection.

New Requirements

Some agents do not ask for these new requirements which means that YOU may be fined when you arrive in Australia, and this is why you need to Apply with us so that you avoid problems.

Some of the new requirements which must now be included in every application are:

  • Alias
  • Criminal record
  • Other citizenships
  • Residential address of passport holder (PO Boxes are not accepted)
  • National ID number (certain countries only - listed on applicable application forms)

What is an ETA Visa ?

The ETA Visa or eVisa is an Australian Visa electronically attached to your passport.

Why are some visas declined?

There are many reasons why this happens. Some of these reasons are listed on this WatchLists page.

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