Australia Group Visas

Yes we offer Group visas on this website.

In fact, if you have a group larger than 10 people, please contact us first to get a discount.

This discount does NOT APPLY IF members apply individually (on their own). It applies IF one person applies on their behalf as a group.


All of the applicants must have passports from one of these Approved ETA Visa listed countries.

If they do not, then they will need to contact the nearest Australian Embassy personally.

The price for their visas will be different from country to country.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you apply for your Australian Visa AT LEAST 2 - 3 weeks before travelling to avoid any possible delays.

And for Group members such as maids or staff or any other persons from other Non-Listed countries, then you should apply AT LEAST 4 - 6 weeks before travelling to avoid any possible delays.


If you are applying for other members, then you WILL NEED the following Requirements from EACH APPLICANT who is travelling to Australia.

In fact, it is easiest if you email them this Requirements page and ask them to either apply themselves or to see the info first hand and email you the answers.

The website address is

Trust me on this, you are best sending them this link from a notmal desktop computer (PC or MAC) or even a tablet.


After you have ALL of the details of each Group Member who is travelling, please SORT them in the following way to avoid doing duplicate applications.

Sort all of the passports by family groups. (or if any members live at the same address)

Put them all FACE UP on the left side of your keyboard to start and then move them to the right side FACE DOWN when finished to help avoid confusion.


How does the values statement work for online applications?

This DOES NOT APPLY to people coming to Australia on the ETA or Evisitor visas.

HOWEVER it is still worth reading as a precaution so that you understand Australian values.

If you are applying for a provisional or permanent visa, you need to read, or have had explained to you, the Life in Australia booklet before you sign the Australian Values Statement.

It is recommended that you download and read the Life in Australia book.

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