Application HELP for Europeans

The Australian Visa is a LEGAL DOCUMENT and as such, if you submit false information, you MAY BE fined or even deported. Please read this info to help avoid both of these situations.

ALL passport details must be entered in standard English or your Australian Visa application will be declined.

Many European names have letters with "special characters".

Some examples of these letters are: À, Á, Â, Ã, Ä, Å, Æ, Ç, È, É, Ê, Ë, Ì, Í, Î, Ï, Ð, Ñ, Ò, Ó, Ô, Õ, Ö, ×, Ø, Ù, Ú, Û, Ü, Ý, Þ, ß, à, á, â, ã, ä, å, æ, ç, è, é, ê, ë, ì, í, î, ï, ð, ñ, ò, ó, ô, õ, ö, ø, ù, ú, û, ü, ý, þ, ÿ, Œ, œ, Š, š, Ÿ, ƒ

These special letters MUST BE CHANGED to the spelling at the bottom of the page in the MACHINE CODE section, see images below.

EXAMPLE BELOW: The following is just one example using a GERMAN Passport - BUT IT APPLIES TO EVERYONE - from every country - who has special characters in their names.

The German name example below contains an umlaut on the letter U (ü) so you would enter the following from the <<MACHINE << CODE << SECTION at the bottom of the page.

Must be changed to:

New Requirements

The Australian Govt recently changed the online visa application process so that ALL Applicants are now legally required to also include the following information in their travel, holiday, visitor, business visa applications.

This new info for each applicant now includes:

  • Other citizenship
  • Criminal Record (Yes or No question)
  • FULL Residential address (PO Boxes are not accepted)
  • Alias (Yes or No question) including Maiden Name (if applicable)


Please make sure that you enter ALL of the names as listed in the passport.

*** Do not enter names in brackets and do not enter NEE (maiden) names in the SURNAME box (if applicant married and has changed her name).

IF the applicant is not married and has not changed her name, then enter their maiden name in the box.

DO NOT PUT Titles such as any PRE titles (like as HERR, FRAU, MME, DR, MR, MISS, MRS), Post titles (Sn, Senior, Jn, Junior, II, III, IV, V etc), DO NOT put Bin or Binte, S/O or D/O or any other versions of these.


Residential address only accepted by the Australian Govt.

PO BOX applications will be declined.


Lodging an incorrect visa application "may" cost the passport holder a penalty fine starting at $170 AUD, possible detention and possible deportment.

This is why we put the HELP INFO to assist you in not getting fined or worse.

We have put the above info to help you avoid these problems, so please read before lodging your visa application.


Check to see IF the person has EVER changed their name (such as for marriage) or any other reason.

IF THEY HAVE, please CHECK the YES in the ALIAS section (near the bottom).