Application HELP for People Born in Indonesia

These visas are ONLY for Indonesians who have migrated to Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, the USA, Canada or the UK and have a CITIZEN PASSPORT from one of these countries.
If you have a INDONESIAN PASSPORT, please contact the nearest Australian EMBASSY.

The Australian Visa is a LEGAL DOCUMENT and as such, if you submit false information, you MAY BE fined or even deported. Please read this info to help avoid both of these situations.

Ignore titles such as: BIN, BTE, BINTE, S/O, D/O, A/L, A/P, W/O etc see full list below.

PLEASE ENTER the names in the application EXACTLY as they are shown in your passport.


  • IF the applicants name is Dawd bin Hassan, you would enter the SURNAME as HASSAN and the Given Names as DAWD. The BIN is NOT entered. Do Not put the BIN.
  • IF the applicants name is NUR Binte ABDULLAH, you would enter the SURNAME as ABDULLAH, and the Given Names as NUR. The BINTE is NOT entered. Do Not put the BINTE or Bte, or BT or any other version of Binte.
  • DO NOT USE any of the following:

  • A/L or AL (anak lelaki)
  • A/P or AP (anak perempuan)
  • A/K or AK (anak kepada)
  • W/O
  • Putri


Please make sure that you enter ALL of the names as listed in the passport.

*** Do not enter names in brackets and do not enter NEE (maiden) names in the SURNAME box (if applicant married and has changed her name).

IF the applicant is not married and has not changed her name, then enter their maiden name in the box.


DO NOT PUT Titles such as any PRE titles (like as MR, MISS, MRS, DR etc), or any Post titles (Sn, Senior, Jn, Junior, II, III, IV, V etc).

Also ignore titles such as: BIN , BTE, BINTE, BT, B., YB, Y.BHG., Y.A.M., Y.M., TAN SRI, SRI PADUKA, TUNKU, MAJOR GENERAL, PUAN SRI, DATA, DATIN, DATUK, HAJI, HJ, HAJJAH, HJH, PENGIRAN, UNGKU etc. as they are mere titles along the lines of SIR, MADAM, etc.

For Indian names ignore S/O, D/O, A/L, A/P, W/O

These are TITLES and NOT names.

New Requirements

The Australian Govt recently changed the online visa application process so that ALL Applicants are now legally required to also include the following information in their travel, holiday, visitor, business visa applications.

This new info for each applicant now includes:

  • Other citizenship
  • IC Number / Nombor Pengenalan / National IC Number (Brunei)
  • Criminal Record (Yes or No question)
  • FULL Residential address (PO Boxes are not accepted)
  • Alias (Yes or No question) including Maiden Name (if applicable)


Check to see IF the APPLICANT has EVER "legally" changed their name (such as for marriage) or any other reason. And IF THEY HAVE, please CHECK the YES in the ALIAS section (near the bottom of the application page).

This ALIAS also applies to persons of Chinese decent (whether they lived in China or not) and have a separate "CHINA" version of their name in their passport. One quick example: If your Name is "KOH" but when you lived in China, it was changed to "GAO", then you would need to tick YES in the Alias section.